Fat Daddy’s Family Barbecue

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There is no question who the king of barbecue is in this area. Fat Daddy’s in Forsyth is famous for their delicious smoked meat barbecue, fried chicken, catfish, and homemade dishes. Their hearty, home-style breakfast is incredible and worth the drive, no matter what the distance is.

"Basically, I’d call this a hobby gone wild,” John Winkert says about his Forsyth restaurant, Fat Daddy’s Family BBQ. Originally from Peculiar, Missouri, Winkert moved to 417-land in 2000. After being injured at work, he bought a smoker and started smoking meats for parties and church events. He opened the restaurant with a partner in November 2006, and today he is the sole owner. A quick look around the restaurant illustrates Winkert’s passion for his community. Three window shelves are filled with pig figurines, all brought in by customers. “They show that this place is partly their place, too,” Winkert says. The spot is even open for breakfast, when it serves up bacon smoked at the restaurant and omelets that include brisket and homemade breakfast sausage.

So while you’re in Branson, be sure to stop by, but come hungry!


Fat Daddys Family Barbecue
16020 US 160
Forsyth, MO 65653
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While mouth watering smoked ribs, pork, brisket, chicken and sausage are the mainstay, Fat Daddy's also serves fried chicken, catfish, burgers, baked potatos and other home-style dishes. There truly is something for everyone at Fat Daddy's!