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Harold Bell Wright wrote Shepherd of the Hills. Before the early settlers came and developed this land we now call BRANSON, Mutton Hollow was his home. Later, Theaters came, restaurants came, The World's Largest Toy Museum came. All the people said, "This is GREAT!"  Then, the Harold Bell Wright Museum came, and people said "This is really GREAT!" The Harold Bell Wright Museum shares a location with the World's Largest Toy Museum. Guests of the Harold Bell Wright Museum will see the local history come to life as they view the antiques, personal items, furniture and manuscripts of Mr. Wright's nineteen books. Mr. Wright's gun collection is most intriguing: featuring firearms of the late 1800's and early 1900's. Some guns represent those used by the infamous Bald Knobbers.

Harold Bell Wright was not only a writer; he was also an artist and a minister. His book, The Shepherd of the Hills is a well-known history of the Branson area. Mr. Wright's first book That Printer of Udell's was read by eleven-year-old Ronald Reagan (who eventually became our President). The power of this book led Reagan to Christianity. Mr. Wright's books have inspired millions - actually making him one of the first millionaires of the early 1900's.


Harold Bell Wright Museum
3609 West Hwy 76
Branson, MO 65616
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