The Runaway Mountain Coaster

About Us

The Runaway Branson Mountain Coaster will be a thrill ride that is unique in the Ozarks. Mountain coasters have continued to explode in popularity in Europe and are growing by leaps and bounds in the United States. The Branson Alpine Coaster uses the natural topography of the area to have an exciting user-controlled thrill ride that your family will want to ride again & again.

 What is a mountain coaster? A mountain coaster is exactly as the name says-a coaster that uses the lay of the land and natural elevation changes to provide an exciting ride in and around the natural features of the area. Riders are seated in individual carts that are engineered to exacting safety standards. The carts are pulled to the top via a chain similar to traditional roller coasters. At the top of the mountain, carts are released to travel down the hill, winding in and out and around trills and hills for a thrilling and unique experience. These low profile mountain coasters are specially designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and preserve the natural beauty of the area while providing an experience few will ever forget.

 You Pick Your Thrill Level! The carts are specially designed to allow riders to have control of their ride-with a patented braking system, guests can choose whether to slow down take a more leisurely trip down the coaster track or use gravity to the full extent for the fastest and most exciting ride possible. That means that whether you are a roller coaster thrill seeker or someone looking for a pleasant trip down the hill and an unparalleled view of the Branson skyline we will have you covered.


The Runaway Mountain Coaster
933 State Highway 165
Branson, MO 65616


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