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If you want to watch your kids belly laugh, take them to see Buckets N Boards. This is a show that reaches the kid in everyone. (That means even the adults will love it.)

Buckets N Boards is a high energy rhythm show. (Really high energy.) Gareth Sever and Matt Levingston can take just about anything and turn it into entertainment. Their instruments, in addition to the obvious buckets and boards, include various sizes of plastic barrels, ladders, squeaky toy turtles, a hard hat (played while someone is wearing it), and more. Even the drum set gets an impressive black-light makeover. An ordinary recorder gets played using nostrils. What’s probably most impressive is when there are no instruments at all. Matt and Gareth use their hands and feet to display amazing rhythm, skill, and a natural camaraderie.

From the ridiculous opening video through the final number it’s obvious Matt and Gareth are great friends. Watching them is like reliving favorite moments with your best friend. Matt’s repertoire of facial expressions is almost worth the price of a ticket. These two – literally - never skip a beat.

Buckets N Boards is regularly featured as headlining entertainment on Disney Cruise ships. Fortunately they still call Branson home and continue to entertain families with clean comedy, precision percussion and totally unique talent.


Buckets N Boards
3115 W Hwy 76
Branson, MO 65616
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This is a hilarious and high-energy show chock-full of precise percussion, ridiculous songs, spectacular tap dancing, inventive instrumentation and unique musical talent. Buckets N Boards is a comedy duo that is unrivaled anywhere in Branson... or the Universe! Quickly becoming regarded as a must see show for any Branson visit, their unexpected comedy and upbeat personalities will leave you laughing for the rest of your trip!